10y | CR Book IV, Chapter 3

5' See that the self 'shuts' you 'out' from the
best self, harms, impedes, restrains, and that you
would improve yourself if you could detach
yourself from it by simplification and unification.

6' Often (in up to 8o out of the 198 items), I
am the 'opposite' too. Particularly in the case
of supposed character traits, it is helpful to
bear in mind that we would not stress a sur-
face trait except in compensation of a trend
which drives us in the opposite direction. In
other words, I would not be this, if I were not
the opposite, too.

7' Find the reference, if any, to the skin boun-
daries, to the self as bounded by the two skins.

8' Refer to the 'image', formed by 'positively nar-
cissistic' associations, that one has of oneself
as a body, as a social being, a moral being.
This self would be incomplete without, outraged
without etc. But this is a very inferior, and lar-
gely imaginary self, to be got rid of. The re-
lative falsehood of all these (open or implied)
narcissistic self-statements can be seen when
it is realised that they concern only a sect-
ion, usually in a particular social setting,
either surface or bottom respectively, and that
they are called to mind in an act of defence
against others or oneself.

9' 'Hidden selves'. A number of our selves, the
dys-ideal selves which are charged with ne-
gatively narcissistic emotions, are usually
rejected, and concealed by compensations, pro-
jections etc. It becomes important to bring
them out into the open whenever we meet with
a property which clings to us, which we wish
to shut out, to get rid of. They cling to one
self because we cling to another. Conscious
repulsion (e.g. for human milk, excrement, snails
etc) masks a strong but disowned attraction,
conscious anxiety (flight) an unconscious wish.
When one feels x clinging to oneself, one
clings to y, and it is the task to find the y, to
bring it back first into the accepted self, and
then to disown it by the formula, e.g. if the-
re is a stream of hate towards another per-
son, this may cling to self x. Its purpose is
to shut out and crush a self (z) in me that is