132 | MoAMG II - Appendix 2

A Bird's Eye View of Part III

Part III is to some extent the result of our absurd libel laws.
Whenever I feel a bit masochistic, I study a few of the 719 pages in
Gatley, 'On Libel and Slander', Seventh Edition, 1974. Having
been brought up on Roman Law, I am staggered to see there general
abstract principles replaced by Case Law. Whatever the advantages
may be, litigation must become expensive and uncertain. In con-
sequence vast chunks of disparaging remarks about contemporaries
have gone into Appendix 4 of Part III, where they will stay for good.

Now as to the other contents of Part III. Of the first chapter, 'On
German Antisemitism', I will not even give a survey before I have
cleared it with a few friends. The second chapter, on America,
shows by means of a long string of anecdotes, first the disconcerting
and devastating effects of the current notions of equality, and
secondly the positively disastrous results of the sexual demands of
liberated mannish females. This enables me to incorporate parts of
my celebrated lecture on 'The Clitoris of the American Female',
and you will also see why in Santa Cruz the audience was reduced
to awestruck silence by the truth of my words when I likened con-
temporary America to Sodom and Gomorrah, - and in particular
the Lotus Eaters on that particular campus. Chapter 3 then illustrates
how a Nation nobly unprepared for an Imperialist War fares when
it attempts to fight one.

In chapter 4 Arthur Waley is presented as a warning example of
what happens to people if they try to conceal their social origins.
Here I elaborate the theme of the previous chapter 'On Being a
German Abroad'. Properly expurgated these pages may one day be
appended to it. Arthur Waley cannot be omitted from my auto-
biography, partly because he rescued me from obscurity and partly
because he was on balance the most odious character I have so far
come across.

In chapter 5 I try to give a balanced account of my relations with
Christmas Humphreys. These are the opinions which a well known
Buddhologue has formed over forty years of a prominent represent-
ative of Western Sectarian Buddhism. Since he surrounds himself
with an entourage who are busy building him up as the 'Leader of
Western Buddhism' and as 'The Man who has done more than