134 | MoAMG II - Appendix 2

Buddhism as for the collectivist dogmas of the Marxists. I myself
am very pleased with my chapter on Christmas Humphreys, which
culminates in the authentic, and possibly unique, record of a
conversation between a champagne cork and a flying fish in the
middle of the Atlantic. All that is missing so far is that I have not
yet come up with a convincing reason why so many of our joint
friends should so disapprove of my diagnosis.

C.E.M. Joad and Baroness Wootton [chapter 6] are fine representatives of
the agnostic humanists who have played such a big part in the
English life of our time. Apart from ridiculing[1] Barbara's views on
a wide range of issues, such as the validity of psychology or religion,
the rights of women or the survival of the fittest[2], I chiefly con-
centrate on the memorable Summer School at Westonbirt which
followed immediately upon her disastrous marriage to George
Wright. As an hilarious piece of character assassination this is hard
to beat and it ranks, I am sure, with Voltaire's 'Docteur Acacia'. At
long last the Gnostic has been able to settle accounts with his
distinctly a-Gnostic adversary. If I could have followed the logic of
the argument, I would have dealt with Humphreys and Wootton in
the chapter on 'Some Cambridge Personalities'. They had so much
in common. Not only did they both go to Cambridge; their entire
lives were warped when they lost their nearest and dearest through
enemy action in the first World War; and they both revenged them-
selves on mankind for ever after, by sitting in judgement on their
fellow men.

In chapter 7, the 'Enemies of the Peace' are those Hate Types of
whom I disapprove. There are two varieties of the Hate Type, the
Oral and the Anal. The first are more lovable, the second more
nasty. My ceaseless and unfading mammary concerns indicate that
I belong to the first. Typical of the bad Hate Type is the guilt-ridden
George Orwell, a proper Thersites who is so highly thought of

[1] 'The writing and publishing of anything which renders a man ridiculous is
actionable'. Gatley par.33. 'Man' embraces 'woman', I suppose?

[2] 'A million million spermatozoa,
All of them alive,
Out of their cataclysm but one poor Noah
Dare hope survive.'
So Aldous Huxley. When inspecting one of my Classes, Barbara, her head crammed
full of crude Darwinism, informed us that this 'Noah' survived because he was the
'fittest' of the lot. The resulting debate has now been recalled for posterity.